How to Find the Best Logo Design Company

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Business owners and professional graphic designers know the significance of logos. A logo is surely a face of a company, business and brand. People first look for a logo when they want to buy products or services of a particular company. A logo is, thus, a mark of authenticity and genuineness of a company’s products or services.

But more than being an identity mark, a logo serves a company and business in many ways. A nicely designed business logo makes your business recognizable instantly. When it is seen by people in any advertisement, or elsewhere, people recall your business.

For example, on seen McDonald’s yellow arch, people know that it represents the fast-food company. When they see a swoosh, they know that it stands for Nike’s quality sports shoes. Similarly, as they see an apple with a bite, it reminds them of Apple’s high-end computer and smart phones.

The logo is the face of your start-up; it’s sink or swim, either get it right the first time or prepare for what could be years of rebranding and reparations. Here are just a few of the biggest mistakes when seeking a logo designer for your start-up, from poor choices to portfolio pitfalls. Check them out before you get your new logo designed. But an affordable logo design is a good choice for the start-up business.

10 Tips To Hire A Logo Designer For Startup Business

01. Hiring A Friend

You may have a cousin, niece or friend of a friend with a decent amount of skill in graphic design. But this isn’t the same thing as being a professional in the field of logo design or web design. Choosing a friend to create your logo may seem like both the most economical and the most comfortable option. But you’ll pay for it in the long run.

The process of creating a logo strain the relationship with the friend or family member doing the work for you. But the cost of a much-needed rebranding effort a couple years down the road could be astronomical. Business Insider recommends seeking out professional designers through established design platforms rather than the grapevine.

02. Overdoing It

There comes a time when you need to let go of the logo designing process and let your new logo ideas & inspiration fly. It’s easy to spend months nitpicking every aspect of the design. This process should be undertaken with the utmost care considering the importance of a logo in your business image. But going in circles can actually end up taking the “streamlining” process too far. It can even ruin what could have been a great design.

03. Not Knowing What You Want

It is up to the designer to translate your brand image into a single highly flexible piece of design. Still, you need to do your part to make their job easier. Figure out the kind of company values you want to portray through your logo.

You should also have a color scheme in mind if possible. Any ideas you have about the design should be discussed with a logo designer to ensure the designer has the style you’re looking for. This is essential to creating a logo and brand identity.

04. Don’t Choose Your Own Typeface

It’s easy to get attached to a font. There are already hundreds of fonts all over the Internet. However, Creative Blog reminds us that typefaces evoke a certain ambience and image, so the selection should be primarily up to the designer.

But make sure that the fonts you choose for your logo are not different from the fonts you already have on your website design or online brochure design. This is an important step to take for brand consistency.

05. Not Getting Details

When you look through the portfolio of a designer, it’s not good to take everything at face value. When reviewing a designer’s portfolio, make sure you ask the designer about the role he/she plays with an agency and large-scale projects.

For example, a designer’s portfolio or bio-data reveals an impressive list of work with Sony or Samsung. But if that work was literally slapping their pre-existing logos onto a photo was chosen by the graphic design marketing director, that doesn’t show a lot of skill.

After portfolios have been sent, questions have been asked and review is underway, it’s a matter of looking over the portfolio carefully to avoid other possible pitfalls.

06. Everything Looks The Same

The first portfolio pitfall is over-consistency. Thankfully, it’s easy to pick out. If you find a portfolio of logos that are almost all circles or rectangles, always use the same set of typefaces or the same color palette, move on to the next option.

07. No Consistency

Too much of the same thing can ruin a good portfolio. If in the portfolio, the quality and styling of designs vary too dramatically from one piece to the next; this denotes a lack of understanding of composition, the design process. If the portfolio has every logo having a new experiment in layer styling, you want to look for someone else.

08. Colour Choice Seem Off

Color has meaning! Especially in logo design, color choice is the key to evoking the desired emotion and ambience. Such a color choice helps target the audience. According to Smashing Magazine, warm colors evoke passion and energy, while cool colors are relaxing and create a sense of trustworthiness.

If your prospective logo designer is using color choices that seem wrong to you, they probably lack the knowledge of color theory you need to succeed. Try the next candidate. Remember that choice of the right colors is important not just to create a logo, but all graphic designs. Even when you need a brochure design or a social media page design, a perfect selection of colors matters a lot.

09. The Wrong File Formats

JPEGs and PNGs are nice, but you should also have your logo in a vectored EPS format. This file format can be scaled up infinitely to place your logo on everything from business cards to billboards. Ask your designer what formats they offer before you get started; you can even ask for them to be listed in your contract.

10. Dated Designs Everywhere

Logo designers, more than anyone else, need to be up to date with all the newest trends. Even they should be able to foresee which trends will hang on and which will fall by the graphic design wayside. An updated logo will make your business look good in your niche market and amid your audience.

When it comes to business, especially start-ups, your brand’s credibility is everything. Don’t let poor logo design ruin your brand identity. Make sure the face of your start-up is the face you want by choosing a pro that works for you.

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To choose a right logo designer, first know what precisely you want from your logo. The style, choice of colours, brand message etc must be clear to you. Then, evaluate different design portfolio and pick the one that has quality design work with great consistency, right colour choices etc.

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