How much is the Cost for a Logo Design Service?

It’s our business to make yours look good!

Getting the Perfect Logo

Hitting the right note with your company’s logo, as anyone who has built a business from the ground up will tell you, is a hugely important factor. Choosing the right company logo design has not only become more important than ever but also more challenging due to the sheer volume of logos out there and the pressing need for originality.

A company logo needs to be instantly recognizable to both current and potential clients. This means that a logo design, which reflects your business’ area of expertise, is a must. In addition, a logo must have the capacity to transmit what your company is all about, not only its products and services but also its personality and values. This is the essence of building a successful brand.

Unlike other aspects of a business, you only get one shot at getting it right when it comes to choosing your final logo design, and so having the best range of options to choose from is essential. Branding Los Angeles is in a unique position to assist this processes thanks to our expert team of logo designers and expertise in online branding. Our experience as Los Angeles web design specialists gives us the capacity to take an integrated and uniquely creative approach to business logo design. We seamlessly integrate aspects that respond to today’s marketing needs and avoid the need for re-branding at a later stage.

Studio 60 Design is passionate about simplicity in logo designs. Since we understand how shapes and colors affect disposition, we utilize a palette of colors and shapes, especially well-suited for each respective logo.

That is evident in all our work. The effective branding of your business begins with developing a powerful visual identity system. Your logo is the focal point of your business’s visual identity. Your logo is the signature. It communicates that you are vital to successful and efficient marketing.

A powerful logo identifies your business in all forms of online and offline visual communications. This includes signage, stationery, business cards, invoices, advertisements, the web, and security materials.

Because it is the core of your visual identity system, it needs to be used consistently across all communication systems to improve your brand’s recognition rather than change. Whether you require a logo design in Adelaide for a new business that’s a startup or an established brand that needs a refresh.

We are here to provide the best logo design for Adelaide consumers that Australian businesses have noticed, the one stop studio for all your logo design and business branding needs.

At Studio 60 Design, we help put you in charge of your design project.

  • With the use of online communication and application, it is easy to track the development of your logo design project, and you’ll be able to get as much or as little as you want to.
  • This approach has helped our clients receive the very best logo design in Adelaide.
  • Turnaround time is efficient. It is easy and quick for us to work together to make a stunning logo design your audiences will appreciate.

There are a great number of benefits to working online, providing the best logo design in Adelaide and indeed, South Australia. We also offer you a fantastic number of solutions and services intended to help improve and enhance your business or corporate identity.

From business cards, stationery, posters and booklet, car wrap, product packaging designs right through to web designs, Studio 60 Design is here to help you achieve the identity that your business has always dreamed of.

If every business offered the consistent personal service and innovation that Studio 60 offer, we wouldn’t need to read reviews as everyone would exceed our expectations. Don’t do any further research looking for the business to provide you with the best tool/s to grow yours, you’re already here. I have received such good feedback from everything Studio 60 has done for me and I am impressed, beyond words. Logo, business cards, website, letterhead, Facebook, business listing and more. Great value, dedication and an absolute pleasure to deal with. Thank you, Kelli.

Kim Mansfield: Double A Civil

We can help you achieve your logo goals!

With the average time spent on any given web page a mere 22 seconds, your company logo needs to be one of the prominent elements that stick in the mind of visitors, leading to a higher level of trust and brand reputation when it is dispersed across the web through blog posts, social media, press releases and in local listings such as Google and Yellow Pages. Some of the most common mistakes with a logo design that you have likely seen are company logos that are overcomplicated and text heavy. Understanding how your logo will be used and displayed in your marketing needs to be one of the key elements that drive its design. Well known and reputable company logos all share the aforementioned features, and with backing from a team of professional logo designers such as ours, your company logo, will soon be amongst them.

What does a Studio 60 Logo Design cost?

Let Studio 60 Design help you create a dynamic brand for your new or existing business, starting with a cool, modern, timeless logo design. It’s our business to make yours look good and we will achieve just that! It’s no surprise that when you have an eye-catching logo your business gets noticed.

A Studio 60 Logo Design is $550+gst and comes with 2 concepts, including unlimited editing until it’s perfect. We also offer a logo redesign if required without any additional fees. You also receive all file types of your logo, including pdf vector, jpg & png, with an explanation of what they are used for and how to use them.